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    Being injured is a matter of when it will happen rather than if it will happen. Injuries occur every day to normal people who don't have any control over the reckless driver that hits them, slippery store floors that weren't marked as such and vicious dogs running loose. Insurance sometimes takes care of the financial damage incurred in these cases and pays the bills. Quite often it falls far short of providing enough money to cover the medical costs and lost income. When you're injured you should choose a good personal injury lawyer to ensure that your needs are met.
    Three criteria guide your selection of a personal injury lawyer.
    The first thing to look at is the accumulated experience of the attorney in court actions involving the type of injury you've sustained. Every personal injury lawyer has to start someplace but you don't want to be his or her practice case. Many attorneys are part of a legal practice that represents you as a group and a specific attorney or two is in charge of your case. Find out how long these lawyers have been working in this capacity and insist that at least one attorney possess a significant amount of experience in handling personal injury actions.
    The second criteria when choosing a good personal injury lawyer is his or her success in the courtroom. Inquire about the outcome of previous cases and what awards have been made to the injured clients. Success doesn't always mean large awards of money. Real success is in the fair outcome of cases with legitimate monetary awards being obtained and the financial needs of clients being met in an equitable way. Court personnel are a good source of information on how lawyers measure up in this area.
    Another important criteria in choosing a personal injury attorney is the lawyer's reputation among his peers and the community as a whole. Most people understand that a well-respected lawyer has earned the respect. He or she has demonstrated moral responsibility and can be trusted. More important than dazzling legal performances in the courtroom are the fundamentally important qualities of honesty, integrity and fairness. The legal system functions well in the hands of attorneys who are worthy of respect.
    Finding a personal injury lawyer with experience, a record of success and a good reputation is possible. Your case rests in capable hands when you choose the right personal injury lawyer.
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