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    Finding a Chicago medical malpractice attorney is no easy task. In a city the size of Chicago there are plenty of lawyers to choose from. The Chicago medical malpractice attorney you choose has to be the right one for you, your family and your case. Do not be swayed by the lawyer with the largest ad in the phone book or even the best television commercials: these are not indicators of the type of lawyer you will be getting - in fact, these lawyers typically refer their cases to other lawyers. It will not be easy to find the perfect Chicago medical malpractice attorney to fit your specific needs, but there are ways to ensure you do not end up with a person who is not qualified to handle your case.
    There will be a malpractice attorney that tries to make assurances about your case. Be wary of the fast talking types that are quick to tell you they can get you large amounts of compensation for your case. Remember, in Illinois medical malpractice cases, only a doctor in the appropriate field of specialty can certify that a case has merit.
    One of the first things you must know before even considering sitting down with a medical malpractice attorney is if your situation fits the criteria for medical malpractice. Legally the term "malpractice" is defined as negligence or the failure of a professional to perform their duties according to the acceptable rules and guidelines of that profession. Suspecting malpractice and proving it are two different things.
    If there is cause for you to believe that a loved one has suffered permanent injury or death due to negligence of someone in the medical profession you should seek an opinion from an experienced lawyer with the ability to investigate your case and get you the answers you need. The following guidelines will help you in the interviewing phase of your search for a medical malpractice attorney.
    Here are five questions to ask in each interview:
    1. Who will be the attorney handling my case? The person you want to talk to is the person who will actually be handling your case: conducting the research, drafting the legal documents, deposing the witnesses, investigating the action, trying the case. You do not want to hire a law firm and later realize that someone other than the person you interviewed is handling your case.
    2. What are your specific qualifications in this area? You will want to know that the attorney has handled similar types of cases in the past with success. Try to find an attorney that concentrates in medical malpractice cases.
    3. Do you belong to any organizations that are related to medical malpractice? Attorneys that handle medical malpractice often are very passionate about this issue and they belong to groups, professional associations, and non-profit organizations in malpractice-related areas. They will be the ones with the most experience and passion.
    4. What do you charge for your services? An experienced lawyer should handle your case on a "contingency fee" basis - meaning that if you do not win, the lawyer gets nothing and you owe the lawyer nothing.
    5. Do you have any references? Do not be afraid to ask for references - in particular, from past clients.
    Although finding the right attorney for example, Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorney, is can be difficult, it is worth the effort to get the most qualified candidate for your situation. Feel free to come up with more questions that will get you greater insight into his practice and character.
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