• Girls Weekend-Stiletto Spy School

    Girls Weekend-Stiletto Spy School
    It’s true. I tell my children than when they go to bed at night that I go on exotic spy missions to save the planet. So, yes, mommy looks crazy hot while simultaneously firing some sort of cool gun all while outsmarting the bad guy. Yep, that’s me, your uber cool mom. I think this odd fantasy implies that I might need some adventure in my life and you all will be thrilled to know that I found it-Stiletto Spy School.
    This wickedly fun school in NYC and Vegas is perfect for entertaining your girlfriends for a weekend, and it would make an incredible bachelorette party or fantastic for an office team building excursion. Where else can you get a makeover, learn self defense and knife throwing skills, all while learning to make the perfect martini and drive a Ferrari….we almost forgot the burlesque dancing, which is a must when trying to distract the enemy.
    Stiletto Spy School is primarily about having a good time, but there is an underlying goal — to increase self-confidence and self-esteem in women, and to release their untapped potential. The owners traveled around the world looking for top experts in the field who have incredible knowledge — who could deliver that knowledge in a fun, incredibly effective, precise way, so that the women can get an incredible take-home value and unleash their inner femme fatale.

    So, your first task is to ponder your spy name while driving carpool today or while you are working on that power point presentation.  Now, Pick from a list of the missions below……
    • Elite Hand-to-Hand Combat 
    • Awareness Training 
    • Our Signature Seductive Moves 
    • Sword Fighting 
    • Extreme Driving Maneuvers in a Ferrari no less
    • Professional Poker Lessons 
    • Precision Firearms Training 
    • Martini Mixology 
    • Flying Lessons 
    • Argentine Tango 
    • Knife Fighting 
    • “McGuyver” Survival Skills 
    • Advanced Firearms with Semi Automatics 
    • Pole/Exotic Dance 
    • Diva Hair and Make Up Lessons 
    • Scotch Secrets 
    • Wine Pairing skills 
    • Risk Assessment 
    • Extreme Stunt Car Driving


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